Select Pegasus Whiteboards Products® top-quality Magnetic Glass Whiteboards with Superior write on/wipe off performance. Pegasus Magnetic Glass Whiteboards are perfectly suited to blend with traditional and contemporary interiors.

Pegasus Anti-Glare Glass Boards are processed using the latest technologies available, virtually eliminating reflections from the surface of the glass board.

There are occasions when room architecture does not allow wall mounted whiteboards. In those instances, our Mobile Free Standing Reversible Double-Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard on wheels is your best option.

Classrooms, conference rooms, small offices. Anywhere there's a need for a Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard, there's a Pegasus Glass Whiteboard. Pegasus' Magnetic Glass Whiteboards surface offers more contrast for a measurable improvement in visual acuity.

Each Pegasus Magnetic Glass whiteboard includes twenty-four (24) Powerful rare earth magnets, they can be used with the glass board which doubles as magnetic bulletin board adding functionality for posting notes, memos and more.

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