Mobile Free-Standing Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Mobile Free-Standing Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Whiteboard
Wheel-On-Down the Corridor with our Mobile Free Standing Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Whiteboards!

When it comes to mobile Free-Standing Double-Sided Magnetic Glass Whiteboards, Pegasus has the right features, styling and quality to meet any presenters needs. Designed for the classroom, training room or office, Pegasus Mobile Glass boards are built to last.

The sturdy stand heavy duty construction gives them the stability, strength and durability to withstand daily usage, stand include swivel casters to easily move board around.

Pegasus Double-Sided Glass Boards are manufactured with highly durable 1/4" thick tempered glass surfaces which provide unsurpassed quality and performance. Due to the high-quality gloss, non-porous finish, the glass whiteboard surface exhibits exceptional writing and erasing qualities. The Pegasus glass marker board surface is easy to clean and sanitize. The Pegasus tempered glass high gloss marker boards’ offers more improved clarity, ultra-smooth writing surface, colors are more intense and accurate, and blacks are also deeper.

The Pegasus Double-Sided Tempered Glass, high-polish writing surfaces provide the benefit of exceptionally durable, maintenance-friendly glass. Standard dry-erase markers and erasers make cleanup easy without ghosting or permanent staining. Each Mobile Free-Standing Glass board includes twenty-four (24) Powerful rare earth magnets, they can be used with the glass board which doubles as magnetic bulletin board adding functionality for posting notes, memos and more.