Low Iron Magnetic Glass Whiteboards | Pure-White Glass Whiteboards

Low Iron Magnetic Glass Whiteboards | Pure-White Glass Whiteboards
Pegasus Magnetic Tempered Low-Iron Glass Whiteboards are perfectly suited to blend in with traditional and contemporary interiors. By reducing the iron content, we have eliminated the greenish tint. The result is Pure-White Glass Whiteboards!

improved Ultra-Clear, Ultra-White Pegasus Low Iron Glass Boards with 1/4” thickness, above and beyond in thickness.

These high-performance glass whiteboards are constructed from highly durable 1/4” thick tempered Low-Iron glass which provides unsurpassed quality and performance without the greenish tint. Due to the high-quality gloss and non-porous finish, the glass whiteboard surface exhibits exceptional writing and erasing qualities. The Pegasus glass marker board surface is easy to clean and sanitize. The Pegasus tempered Low-Iron glass marker boards offer greatly improved clarity and ultra-smooth, ultra-white writing surfaces. Colors will appear more intense and accurate, and blacks will appear deeper as well.

The Pegasus Tempered Glass high-polished writing surfaces provide the benefit of exceptionally durable, maintenance-friendly glass. Standard dry-erase markers and erasers make cleanup easy without ghosting or permanent staining. Each glass board includes twenty-four (24) powerful rare earth magnets allow the glass boards to double as magnetic bulletin boards, adding functionality for posting notes, memos and more.

Not all Glass Whiteboards are created equal. We refuse to sacrifice quality because we don’t want to disappoint our customers. So, you get more from us than just a better price.

The Pegasus 1/4” Tempered Magnetic Low-Iron Glass Whiteboards are the best value when measured over years of everyday dependable service.