Pegasus Whiteboards Specifications

Pegasus Whiteboards Specifications

Pegasus Tempered Glass boards are made with highly durable ¼” thick tempered safety glass with a steel backing that allow the glass surface to be magnetic and provides strength and stability.

1/4" Thick Tempered glass is stronger than the 3/16", 5/32" thin tempered glass. It comes with more pronounced edges, and it's less likely to bow, warp or shatter under stress

Pegasus Tempered Anti-Glare Glass Whiteboards are made with 4mm thick tempered non-glare glass finished to minimize the glare from windows or lighting fixtures. This gives the glass surface a matte finish. The anti-glare glass Whiteboard surface allows the board to double as a magnetic dry erase glass board and projection screen! for Multimedia Projection and environments with controllable ambient light that preserves color as well black and white images.

This IS NOT A FROSTED finish glass; Pegasus Anti-Glare Glass board surface is processed using the latest technology available and in doing so we have virtually eliminated reflections from the surface of the glass board.


Pegasus Porcelain on Steel Dry Erase Whiteboards are made using as it substrate, a high quality special steel sheet made for the process of porcelain enamel “Porcelain on Steel”. These are unique cold-rolled sheets with ultra low carbon and impurity contents. They undergo a nickel-plating process before moving on to the subsequent processes.

Once the substrate is nickel-plated, a porcelain-enamel membrane having the same property as glass is used to coat (technically called “ground coat”) the surface and the backside of each steel sheet. This is followed up by cover-coating (finishing) over its surface for fixation by melting at about 800°C (1472°F).

This porcelain-enamel baking process is the cornerstone of excellent product durability and unsurpassed quality in all our Porcelain on Steel Whiteboard products.

The Pegasus Ceramic Steel Whiteboard surface is indestructible when used as directed and carries a Lifetime limited warranty


Pegasus Magnetic White Enamel Coated Dry Erase Whiteboards are made using as its substrate steel sheet a high quality special light gauge steel sheet. The white enamel coating is applied to a 28 gauge steel substrate with high gloss finish.

The dry erase whiteboard surface is laminated to 1/2” thick hardboard

It is the installer responsibility to make sure the structure in which the Pegasus Whiteboards are going to be installed can support the weight of the whiteboards. Improper installation can lead to the Whiteboard falling causing wall damage, damage to the whiteboard or personal injury.
Glass Boards Installation Instructions