Reversible Mobile Projectionable-Magnetic Free Standing Porcelain on Steel Dry Erase Whiteboard surface Double-Sided 36" x 45"

Reversible Mobile Projectionable-Magnetic Free Standing Porcelain on Steel Dry Erase Whiteboard surface Double-Sided 36" x 45"
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Product Description

Projectionable-Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard write-on/wipe-off Porcelain on Steel writing surface 36" x 45" on both sides with our new Mobile Reversible Free Standing Heavy Duty all-steel stand finished in durable camel powder paint.

For the most demanding needs, this reversible double sided whiteboard is a magnetic, porcelain on steel marker board, as well as glare free projection surface made with highly durable porcelain on steel surface which provide unsurpassed quality and performance. The Pegasus Porcelain on Steel dry erase board is the best value when measured over years of everyday dependable services.

Porcelain Steel Whiteboard doubling for image projection
Imagine been able to write directly on a Power Point presentation. Draw circles, arrows, anything. Draw attention to a particularly profitable quarter. The Projectionable whiteboard porcelain on steel surface feature the lowest gloss factor available 55%, that allows the board to double as a magnetic dry erase board and projection screen ideal for Power Point or slide presentations that requires simultaneous writing surface ability.

This Porcelain-on-Steel board surface resist scratches and dents, stay smudge-free, and stand up to heavier use over time. The double sided dry erase board 36" x 45" Projectionable-Magnetic whiteboard porcelain on steel surface is laminated to 1/2" thick hardboard and factory framed with an elegant satin finished, anodized aluminum frame. The two-sided Whiteboard pivot on thick tempered steel bolts and is easily adjustable with our custom designed revolving knob locks to secure board in place. This special locking knob is designed to allow 360° rotation. The full-length accessory tray provide the perfect storage for markers, erasers and other supplies

• Reversible Two-sided Porcelain on Steel Dry Erase Marker board provides two full size surfaces for presentations
• Projectionable-Magnetic white board size 36" high x 45" wide
• Dry erase writing, Magnetic and Multimedia surface
• Reduced 55% Gloss Factor on the gloss scale, tested at 45º angle reduces glare from projected image and room lighting
• Projectionable surface, requires regular cleaning to maintain peak performance
• Excellent erasing qualities
• Reduced Surface Distortion -Convenient writing
• Increased Color Contrast -Excellent visibility
• Reduced Surface Light Distortion - Prevent eye strain
• Incredible scratch and dent resistance
• Full-length marker/eraser holder tray
• Magnetic whiteboard surface on both sides accepts magnetic media and accessories
• 28 gauge steel
• Free standing heavy duty all-steel stand finished in durable camel powder paint
• Reversible mechanism for easy flipping
• Adjustable Revolving Locks
• Heavy Duty Swivel Casters -2 Locking and 2 Non-Locking
• Ideal for most corporate applications
• Board surface carries a 15 Years Limited Warranty
• Dimensions for erected Stand/Board 48"W x 72"H (4'W x 6'H)
• Erected Reversible Stand/Board weight: 60 Lbs

**Pegasus Boards are made using as its substrate, a high quality special steel sheet made for the process of porcelain enameling “Porcelain on Steel”. These are unique cold-rolled sheets with ultra low carbon and impurity content. They undergo a nickel-plating process before moving on to the subsequent processes.
Once the substrate is nickel-plated, a porcelain-enamel membrane having the same property as glass is used to coat (technically called “ground coat”) the surface and the backside of each steel sheet. This is followed up by cover-coating (finishing) over its surface for fixation by melting at about 800°C (1472°F).
This porcelain-enamel baking process is the cornerstone of excellent product durability and unsurpassed quality in all of our Porcelain on Steel Whiteboard products.