Whiteboards | Porcelain on Steel Projection Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboards

Whiteboards | Porcelain on Steel Projection Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboards
Time for an update? You don't buy a whiteboard everyday …so .. make sure you consider a dry erase board designed for productive meetings, trainings .. year after year !

For the most demanding needs, these magnetic whiteboards are made with highly durable porcelain on steel surfaces which provide unsurpassed quality and performance.
These dry erase boards are the best value when measured over years of everyday dependable services.

The porcelain on steel surface is laminated to ˝” particle board and factory framed with an anodized aluminum frame. The Porcelain on Steel surface is indestructible when used as directed and carries a Lifetime limited warranty.

The Pegasus Porcelain on Steel Dry Erase Whiteboards is the ultimate in functionality, durability and erasability. Magnetic accessories can be used with the whiteboards, doubles as a magnetic bulletin board –added functionality for posting notes, memos and more. This Porcelain-on-Steel board surface resist scratches and dents, stay smudge-free, and stand up to heavier use over time. The durable construction makes these whiteboards ideal for high-use environments like training centers or school classrooms.

The Ideal Whiteboard for Projection for use with any Short-Throw Projector